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A1M New Music Radio Show Commences Top 10 Weekly chart for Radio Indie Alliance Network

This week, the A1M records new music show is delighted to announce it has joined the Radio Indie Alliance, an amazing global network of radio shows from USA, Europe, UK, Japan and Australia. And we will bring you our top 10 each week from our new music show that broadcasts weekly on Indie rocks radio UK . w Our first top 10 is out this week - and is featured in weekly radio show thats is broadcast :

Thursdays 12 Noon Los Angeles : 3pm New York : 8pm UK Time on Indie Rocks UK

Indie Rocks UK this week we have 20 stunning tracks to share with you plus our very first #TOP10 radio chart for Radio Indie Alliance is out tonight and artists are featured in the show - our top 10 is 1. SHADER - 2. Bugeye 3. Y-Key Operators 4. 3Mind Blight 5. Esteban 6. Husk 7. Stepford Wives 8. deviantrobots 9. The Metal Byrds 10. The Battery Farm

Plus amazing music from The Shed Project DITZ Horsemeat Honeybadger Cold Water Swimmers CPSD Nicolas Bougaïeff Arkestar Arkestar Skylights 42’s Records Puffer Fish Press Manilla PR Ltd Philly Blacktriangle Pluggin' Baby Alcopop Records

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