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Single Of The week – Panhead sharps “I guess this is goodbye.”

"A soaring melody, bathed subtlety in exquisite jangly guitars with a wonderfully phrased lilting Celtic vocal".

Panhead Sharps second single was released 10th November on all streaming platforms worldwide.

"A rousing passionate indie pop gritty anthemic alternative love song. A soaring melody, bathed subtlety in exquisite jangle guitars with a wonderfully phrased lilting Celtic vocal"

This is DIY Independent music from the heart, Bourne from strife, heartache, pain, and loss, but never dour or choked by self-pity. This is music made to celebrate life, people, emotions, feelings, both, joyous and painful. Music from working class lads, delivered with honesty, and feeling.

I guess this is goodbye is our single of the week.

Listen to it here on Spotify.

We had the enormous pleasure of having a preview copy of this single and it was the last ever song played on our last ever radio show on Indie rocks radio. A show that was the most listed to show ever on that radio station, with DIY alternative Music fans from 4 continents tuning in

You can hear that Radio show – here Panhead Sharps comes in at the end.

About Panhead sharps

The Panhead Sharps captivate local audiences with their dynamic blend of rock and alternative influences. Led by the charismatic lead singer and guitarist, John Simpson, and supported by the solid rhythm section comprising bass player Michael Watson and drummer Troy Leggatt, this talented trio quickly gained a reputation for their enthralling performances, evocative melodies, and raw, energetic stage presence.

Social Media

Their debut single “A worried Mind” single gained widespread radio play Across the UK and Europe – Described by Indie Rocks Radio as “Gritty, honest, passionate anthemic, heartfelt DIY music to brighten the darkest of days."

Listen to a worried Mind Here on Spotify

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