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Single of the Week - Panhead Sharps - "Worried Mind"

"Gritty, honest , passionate anthemic, heartfelt DIY music to brighten the darkest of days"

New Dunfermline trio "Panhead Sharps" debut single is, "Pure class, "Gritty, honest , passionate anthemic, heartfelt DIY music to brighten the darkest of days". The track opens with intense swirling guitars, bathed in angst ridden melancholic anthemic tones - The track builds superbly,

The Track is essentially about seeking advice when you’re at a crossroads in life, The verses are the questions and the chorus is the advice you’re looking for. Simple, and moving, we love it - Its released 11th August and is single of the week on the A1M records New music show this Thursday on indie rocks radio.

Lyrics - Worried Mind

There I go again

I’ve done all the things I said I’d never do

Where do I go from here tomorrow

I haven’t got a clue

Sometimes you never get to

Where you are going

You’ve got to leave the past behind

In time you’ll understand just where you are going

And you can rest your worried mind

There you go again

Making me come undone

Wait for me to be

The man I’m supposed to be

Join this Thursday 8pm for the A1M Records Ltd New music show on Indie Rocks UK Radio - broadcast from #manchester #england to the globe on internet radio. Every week we bring you the best in new and emerging, indie, alternative, rock, punk, electronic and Underground sounds.

"Music to Rattle your Brain and Soothe Your Soul"

This weeks playlist has 22 tracks, including "single of the week" "Worried Mind" by the Panhead Sharps we also feature tracks from the new albums from the The Heat Inc. and Def Robot, plus a stellar new single from teenage band The Height

#Thursday 8PM - A1mradioshow - Playlist includes

Thank to all who tune in each week , support the show and send in such amazing music Colin Spencer Pluggin' Baby Puffer Fish Press Reaction Management Bad Apple Music Group Danny Watson The Songbird HQ AnalogueTrash Bespoke Media PR

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