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A1M radio Show Hits Global Audience

Broadcast each week from Manchester UK Thursdays 8pm, the @a1mrecords new music show is reaching a global audience on line and with the power of sound-cloud podcasts. Music From USA, UK, Europe and beyond is showcased, in a brilliant mix of genres, styles and beats. Their is something for everyone, and more important, each week you can discover 18 new Artists.


Los Angeles : 1 1.00 am : New York : 15.00 : Manchester :20.00 LISTEN ON LINE - LISTEN LIVE

A1M records New Music Show. Episode 21 - Discover 18 new artists on this weeks show from USA, UK, Europe and beyond, all genres, all new music. . "Indie, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Electronic, Acoustic, Pop, + more- something for everyone"

18 Tracks of New Music - Listen, Share, Re-post For More Info - Check out on Face Book -

Artist - Track Title 1. Seablite - PillBox 2. Narcissus - Burning Candles 3. Secluded Sea - Sunset 4. Velvet Shakes - The Place That You Belong 5. Ghost Writers - They Wanna Know (Kursiva Remix) 6. Anthony_Lexa - Ingredients 7. Tabitha Jade - Caught Up 8. Analogue Electronic, Whatever ! - Surf Radio * (*Colin Spencer "Choice Cut", Electronic Track of the week) 9. She Past Away - RenKsiz 10. Glove - Death is Rebirth 11. Eoin Glackin - EVA 12. Anna Secret Poet - As Long as There are Biscuits** (**Mark McG- Tune of Week from Scotland) 13. Shader - There Was a Time 14. Twista - Do Or Dies *** (***Black Triangle Pick of the Week) 15. Armada Secrets - No Strings Attached **** (****Emma Scott's - Breaking Rocks Tune of the week) 16. Liines - On and On 17. Kingdom of the Holy Sun - Mystery 18. SanJa Cin - Land of Water

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