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A1M radio Show - Single of The Week - WREX - Halfway

"Exudes energy and raw power, driving guitar riffs , metallic overdriven bass with an anthemic melodic chorus. A massive production and a banging tune".

This Weeks A1M records New Music show single of the week comes from the UK with Brighton duo - Wrex – “Halfway”. This explosive new single exudes energy and raw power, driving guitar riffs, metallic overdriven bass with an anthemic melodic hard rock chorus. A massive production and a banging tune.

Hailing from the seaside of Brighton, currently a blazing caldron of new music, Wrex conjure up a masterful fusion of rock, alternative pop rock energy which has huge commercial potential and would not be out of place in massive venues across the UK and Europe. Hear it in the A1M records new music show this Thursday 1st July broadcast 8pm from Salford on

Tune in this Thursday for Episode 120 – The best in new music from USA, UK, Europe and beyond. 20 Stellar Tunes from amazing new artists. Music #Loud, #Bold, #Beautiful and always #Different - A real genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #Punk #Electronic #RAP, #POP – something for everyone- Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #Los Angeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to Indie Rocks UK for all the best in new music – Join us xx Here is the play list - tune in.

Artist – Track

1. Spangled – Head Space

2. Snake Eyes – Dig

3. Das Kapitans – M.I.A (Bandcamp album of the week “Seven”)

4. The Great Leslie – That’s Alright

5. Weekend Recovery – Going Nowhere

6. Narrow Margin – Urban Hell

7. Get Cape. Wear Cape .Fly – Drift (AKA Simon Duckworth)

8. Neon Liston – Bread Street Days

9. Mike Candy's – Vibe (Black Triangle urban tube of the week)

10. San Pedro Collective – In Your Way (Carlito’s Way Mix)

11. Paragon Cause – Disconnected

12. Ditsea Yella – Roam (Generation Blitz Compilation Album)

13. Big Jae Gutsy – OK

14. Jane & Barton – Hey it’s the Twenty Twenties.

15. Wrex – Halfway (A1M records New Music show Single of the week)

16. Dead Reynolds – Bring It Down – (Pluggin Baby rock Tune of the week)

17. 3Mind Blight – Metamorphosis

18. M40 – Rivals

19. The Metal Byrds – Life of The Party

20. The Moods – Somebody’s Hero

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