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New music showcase hits global audience - A1M records on Indie Rocks Radio.

Join me tomorrow Thursday 8pm on the Radio, 20 New bands and 20 New tunes - A1M records New Music Show Episode 99 Feb 4th Indie Rocks Radio - A genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #House, #Electronic #POP #Punk – something for everyone- Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #Los Angeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to @indierocksuk for all the best in new music – Join us xx

We have debut of the stunning new single from London Alternative, post Punk Dance combo @ditseayella – and her divine new tune “Fishermen of the Congo” – We have a first preview on the Show for 3mind Blight and Sophie Dorsten stunning new single “Reflections” – plus a stunning line-up that includes;

1. Los Sustos – Alta Tension

2. Dois Padres – The City Never Sleeps

3. Jim McHugh – Dave

4. Def Robot – Original Soda Queen

5. Paragon Cause – Making up for lost Time

6. Hayley and the crushers – Jacaranda

7. Voodoo Radio – Eat Your words

8. Freya Beer – Sirens

9. Into The Blood (Ft Fused) – The Mirror (Fused remix)

10. Narcissus – Cuttin thru red tape (Duke ‘n’bass mix)

11. Hayla – Colours – Black Triangle Urban tune of the week

12. 3Mind Blight (Ft Sophie Dorsten) – Reflections

13. This Bliss – Friend

14. Cabaret Voltaire – “Billion Dollar”

15. Ditsea Yella – Fishermen of the congo

16. No Serial Killer – Deep in My Heart

17. The Mojo Slide – To Kill A Monkey

18. Megan Wyn – Polaroid

19. The Metal Byrds – Dark Highway

20. Daz Cadwallander – Dream of Yesterday

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