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Lockdown Life TOP 40 Radio Tunes of 2020 -

Summer special "Lockdown Life Top 40 Part 1" A1M records new music show Thursday 6th August 8pm UK - we play our favourite 40 tunes from the 600+ amazing tunes we have played on the show so far-

This show is all about the music and discovering something new

Tune in #LOSANGELES 12 noon #TEXAS 2pm #Newyork 3pm #UK 8pm

Artist - Track

40. Weekend Recovery - There's a sense

39. The Shed Project - Lucky Number

38. The Heat Inc. - Raptors

37. The Long Faces - Sail Away

36. deviantrobots - Let your light shine Lance Hargreaves

35. DDE’s - Cherry Soul

34. Don't Call Me Ishmael - Prague By Night

33. Dead Reynolds - By Your Side

32. The Mirror Pictures - 3 Hour Blackout

31. Civic Green - There is always a Light

30. Stocksnskins - Bang It Down

29. Y-Key Operators - Town Where You Were Born

28. Le fomo - Nip on The Dance Floor

27. Bugeye - Blue Fire

26. CeeV - Lonely Night

25. ARGH KiD - Dickhead DNA

23. Tinfoils - Spitting

22. BANG BANG ROMEO - Stone Cold Superstar

21. XMenBTeam - Dont Be A Dick

Big thanks to everyone who makes this show what it is - every song we play is brilliant- this is just a bit of fun and it was so hard to choose just 40 in the two hours we have - Philly BlacktrianglePuffer Fish PressJoesy LowesyLaura BethManilla PR LtdEmma Scott MilesPluggin' BabyLouderthanwarClaire RobinsonWall Of Sound PRAnalogueTrashAndy Wood Radio Indie Alliance

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