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New Music boom as Global Radio audience tunes in

A weekly new music radio show broadcast by A1M RECORDS from Manchester England reaches listeners across the globe as new music and internet radio booms at the start of 2022

Tune in this Thursday 8pm January 27th to Discover 22 stunning new artists – It’s a wonderous and eclectic line up on this week’s show, Join us for an amazing selection of new tunes, so much inventive and different music to discover –

Episode 148 of the A1M records new music show 27th Jan 8pm UK on - indie rocks radio. An eclectic mix of new releases from UK, USA Europe and beyond.

The best in new and underground music, broadcast from Manchester England. 22 new tracks from #USA, #UK, #Europe and beyond.

Music #Loud, #Bold, #Beautiful and always #Different - A real genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #Punk #Electronic #RAP, #POP – something for everyone-

Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #LosAngeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to Indie Rocks UK for all the best in new music –

A1M Records New Music Show Episode 148 – features

Artist – Track

1. Piqued Jack – Everything South

2. Early Eyes – Dying Plant

3. KILL the Giants – Rule for Us

4. Northern Revelation – Lost Souls

5. The Trampoline Delay – Don’t Let Go

6. Winachi – Characters

7. Peaness – How I’m Feeling

8. Roam – Generation Blitz Ft Ditsea Yella

9. God From the Machine - Paralysed

10. HWY – Come Up

11. Chrysalid Homo – Dominic Kohl (Colins Cuts electronic track of the week)

12. pMad – Medicine (Exclusive Radio edit)

13. Alphabetamines – Drink too Much

14. Just a Ride – Not Enough (Emma scotts pluggin baby breaking rocks tune of week)

15. Wilkinson – Close your Eyes (Ft Illoa)

16. St Dukes – To be Home

17. One Morning in August – A wasted love

18. Spangled – Green Hills

19. The Metal Byrds – Just so you know

20. 3Mind Blight – Illuminating nightmares

21. Energy whores – Slippery Girl

22. Sean – Different Life

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