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New Music Radio Show, A1M picks Top 20 new Indie artists- for Glastonbury 50th Anniversary

We pick out an eclectic mix of 20 new artists that we think would be brilliant in the emerging stages of Glastonbury. Join me tomorrow on the Radio 8pm for New Music Show Episode 71 - 25th June - Indie Rocks UK 12.00 Los Angeles : 2pm Texas : 3pm New York : 8pm UK - we pick and play music from 20 eclectic artists who we think would wow the crowds in the emerging tents and stages at GLASTONBURY

Tune in to our weekly new music show tomorrow at 8pm #UK time we have 20 outstanding tunes for you this week- a real eclectic mix for you - Also find out who is in our new #TOP10 our weekly top 10 chart for Radio Indie Alliance so tune in and listen xx

Artist - Track

1. Bugeye - Blue Fire

2. Husk - Heal with Time

3. Telquist - Taste

4 . Last Day Sect - (Ft. Flo Sabeva & K. Armstrong) - Je Me Reveille

5. Cold Water Swimmers - Be My Sunshine

6. 3Mind Blight - I am Not

7. Yello - Waba Duba

@Colins Cuts electronic Track of the week)

8. ARGH KiD- Dickhead DNA

9. Skylights - Enemies

10. The Senton Bombs - Blue Sunset

11. The Demo- How We Ended up Here

( Black Triangle Records Tune of the week)

12. SHADER - Time Is Right

13. The Final Clause of Tacitus - War Elephant

(Emma Scotts Breaking Rocks Tune of the week Pluggin' Baby)

14. CeeV- Lonely night

15. The Shed Project - Lucky Number

16. Clare Estelle (Ft Voublys) Loves Denied

17. The Metal Byrds - Dark Highway

18. The Battery Farm - Poet Boy

19. Stepford Wives - All On Me

20. Y-Key Operators - Town Where you were Born.

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