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New Music Radio Show Hits Global Audience

"Discover new music on the radio, Music to Rattle Your brain and Soothe Your soul".

Thursday June 8th at 8pm UK its the A1M records new music radio show broadcast from Manchester England on Indie rocks Radio UK.

Join our weekly global audience who tune in and discover new music on the radio. The show attracts regular listeners from East and west coast USA, EU, UK, Asia, Australia and Japan.

This weekly radio show showcases new and emerging talent , indie, alternative, rock, post punk, punk, urban, electronic and underground sounds.

A musical journey of discovery to discover the best in new, indie, alternative, post punk, rock, punk, urban and underground sounds, from USA, UK, EU and beyond.

21 Tracks to discover "Music to Rattle your Brain and soother your soul"

This weeks Playlist includes:

  1. Magnolia Park & 408 - Manic

  2. Me Me Detroit - Roaring at the preachers

  3. Emma and The Fragments - Bizarre Blood

  4. The Pink Spiders - Gold Confetti

  5. Parker - Ucluelet

  6. Regent - Here we go Again

  7. Belonging - You Made Me remember

  8. Lunar Twin - Android Dreams (Colins Cuts Electronic TOTW)

  9. Sound affliction - The End

  10. Sour Punch - Take Me Home Taxi

  11. Jacoby - Manhattan

  12. pMad - Fire

  13. John E - Vistic - Das - Ubermensch (Pluggin Baby - Breaking Rocks TOTW)

  14. The Sensitives - Better Smarter Stronger

  15. The Metal Byrds - Midnight Fury

  16. David Rey x Hive Minds - Rain and Thunder (Black Triangle records Urban TOTW)

  17. Energy Whores - The Winter Sky

  18. The Crime Scene Cleaners - Die For Dopamine

  19. Suspects - Ring Finger Blues

  20. The Shed Project - Our Fear is Their Power

  21. Isadora Eden - Haunted

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