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Single Of The Week - Ditsea Yella - Dust Of Life

"An uplifting mesmeric fusion of dance, fuzz guitar, hypnotic beats, pure energy, soaring velvet vocal, bathed in a backdrop of anthemic strings and synths"

"Electro Garage Indie Alternative London based artists Ditsea Yella, return with a superb new single out on all digital platforms 6th May. Its a magical, pulsating electronic, garage underground belter. "An uplifting mesmeric fusion of dance, fuzz guitar, hypnotic beats, pure energy, soaring velvet vocal, bathed in a backdrop of anthemic strings and synths"

This week on the A1M records new music show we feature an exclusive first play of the brand new single form urban underground electro indie duo Ditsea Yella - "Dust Of Life"

About Ditsea Yella -

Ditsea Yella are electro trash grunge duo from London. They consist of Phil and Diana a unique and eclectic pairing who have the uncanny ability to create massive side to side beats combined with atmospheric and sonic anomalies. They met at the legendary Strongroom studios, and soon embarked on a journey to become the filthiest and loudest duo in London.

Their wild performances have been praised across the board, various ongoing projects, namely recording videos in capitals all over the world, Paris, Belgrade, Stockholm, etc.

Hugely active on social media, the trademark “Beep Beep” punctuates social media, a dazzling rainbow experience with yellow at the core. Home spun garage type live videos have many thousands of views on social media platforms and capture the DIY spirit and energy of this unique London duo.

Check out thee Music

Join us On the radio this Thursday 8pm for the A1M Records Ltd new music show - Broadcast from #salford on Indie Rocks UK. Episode 209 27th April 8pm #UK, 2PM #texas 3pm #NEWYORK

We bring you new music from the USA, UK, EU And beyond an eclectic mix of innovative, different and passionate DIY , indie, alternative, post punk, Urban and underground music. 21 tracks to discover "Music to rattle your brain and soothe your soul"

Plus an eclectic playlist of new music , Alternative, Underground, Indie, Punk, Post Punk, Rock, electronic, Urban - Tune in and discover something new.

Play list includes

1. Parker - Ruin My Life

2. Kill The Icon - Heavy Heart

3. This Is War - Rotten

4. Pennine Suite - MOWO

5. Walt's Frozen Head - Lost in a Crowd

6. 7Ebra - I have a lot to say

7. Ditsea Yella - Dust of Life

8. Cult with No Name - Not Afraid (Colins Cuts Electro TOTW)

9. Between Thorns - Panic Attack

10. The Goodstock Project - This Rain

11. HCK9 (Ft Peaks) - Insomnia

12. Snake Eyes - Crybaby

13. Electric Circus - My Illusion

14. Just a Ride - Waiting (Pluggin Baby TOTW)

15. Another Day - Sticky Situation

16. Stephen Marley - Old Soul (Black Triangle Records TOTW)

17. pMad - Fire

18. Energy Whores - Show You (Remix)

19. The Dirt - Ignorance is Bliss

20. The Metal Byrds - Vicious Circle

21 . 3Mind Blight (Ft Samantha T) - This is Not The end

Thanks to all who support the show and send in new music Philly Blacktriangle Black Triangle Records Puffer Fish Press Bad Apple Music Group Dimple Discs Danny Watson Pluggin' Baby Reaction Management Kool Things - Music Promotions Colin Spencer.

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