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Single Of the Week – Ditsea Yella – You Know it’s True.

“A fusion of pulsating electro dark waves, booming electro disco beats, post punk grunge, with Studio 54 New York City vibes & 80s London blitz club Swagger”.

Ditsea Yella, electro trash grunge duo from London, explode this summer with a massive and upbeat new single “You know its true”. A superbly crafted inventive fusion of pulsating electro dark waves, and booming electro disco beats. Throw in Ditsea Yella trademark post punk garage grunge guitar noise, bathed in a soaring exquisite vocal and you have a classic club tune for the here and now.

Pure escapism and joy, “You know it’s true” makes you want to dance, seize the day, celebrate the here and now. The kind of tune that draws together, the people of the night, the underground club dwellers, the outcasts and the dispossessed. Imagine walking down the steps of your favourite club, hearing this tune, and just being lost in the energy, passion, and noise. Ditsea Yella are setting their own trend and creating their own unique sound.

About Ditsea Yella -

Ditsea Yella are electro trash grunge duo from London. They consist of Phil and Diana a unique and eclectic pairing who have the uncanny ability to create massive side to side beats combined with atmospheric and sonic anomalies. They met at the legendary Strongroom studios, and soon embarked on a journey to become the filthiest and loudest duo in London.

Their wild performances have been praised across the board, various ongoing projects, namely recording videos in capitals all over the world, Paris, Belgrade, Stockholm, etc.

Hugely active on social media, the trademark “Beep Beep” punctuates social media, a dazzling rainbow experience with yellow at the core. Home spun garage type live videos have many thousands of views on social media platforms and capture the DIY spirit and energy of this unique London duo.

The new single is out on the 23rd July on all major streaming platforms. Its A1M records single of the week, and you can hear it this Thursday 8pm on our new music show on Indie rocks radio UK.

The A1M records new music show - on indie rocks Radio Tune in 8pm this Thursday for Episode 123. The best in new music from USA, UK, Europe and beyond. 20 Stellar Tunes from amazing new artists. Music #Loud, #Bold, #Beautiful and always #Different - A real genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #Punk #Electronic #RAP, #POP – something for everyone- Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #Los Angeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to Indie Rocks UK for all the best in new music –

This week’s playlist

1. The France – California

2. Jeen – Maybe I’ll be gone.

3. Quorum – Sea Breeze

4. Klubber Lang – Sleep Well – (Out on FIFA Records)

5. Quarter Chubz – Cut me down

6. Call to the faithful – Animals

7. The Moods – Blessings ft Yoko Pwno

8. Lisey Tigra – Criminal Mind

9. Mintball (Ft Chris James Willows) – Pull

10. Mechanical Cabaret – Miasma

11. StocksnSkins – Control Alt Delete

12. Max Hammond – Modern way (Black triangle records tune of the week)

13. Treeboy & Arc – Role Models (Bandcamp album/EP of the week)

14. Ditsea Yella – You Know its True (Radio Edit) – A1M records single of the week

15. The Crayon Set – Rock star/Dream Girl

16. 3Mind Blight – Metamorphosis

17. The Battery Farm – When the whip goes crack.

18. The Metal Byrds – Life of the party

19. The Shed project – A Day in the Dam

20. Sophie Dorsten – Red Skies

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