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Single of the week pMad - Down

Dark, twisted, fast paced, alternative, dark gothic cauldron of deep emotion”. A1M Records

pMad unleashes a new single “Down” on Feb 14th, St valentine’s Day, we were lucky enough this week to get a sneak preview.

A fast paced, electro, alt dark gothic cauldron of emotion, rumbling guitars, clever dark underground beats melded cleverly and with passionate intent with a melancholic, observational, vocal delivery. The attitude and style delves subtly to the gothic underground dark club sounds of the mid 80,s reminiscent, but never mimicking the likes of classic Sister of Mercy, early theatre of hate, with a dash of the dark sentiments of Bauhaus.

'Down' arises from when your personal safety has been violated and your belief in your own competency & adequacy has been brought into question because of others who want to feel power over you, this brings you ‘Down’!

The damage that bullying causes is primarily to identity and self-esteem, taking steps to repair these are not simple but the one thing you need to do is to understand that ‘Your Life Is Worth Living’ and ‘You Won’t Bring Me Down’ anymore.

Until this is achieved, it will just keep beginning each day you wake up, make it stop now, Life is too short to continue suffering!

Fresh from a stunning critically acclaimed album, Who, why, what, where” Paul Dillon AKA pMad is a solo artists based in Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland and producing Goth, Post-Punk, Indie Rock music

Down’ hopefully will end the cycle and empower you to return your self-esteem and your personal identity to you!!

You can hear the single this week on the A1M Records new music Radio show on Indie rocks Thursday 26th January 8pm-9.30pm UK.

The show also features new music that includes

The Bouncing Souls, 1i2c, Ditsea Yella , 3 mind Blight, Ratoon, The Bar Stool Preachers, Sinclair, Gas Kunst, Indya, Izzy and the black trees, Heatworms, WREX, Indifferent Monkey, Vincent Christ, Apostles, The Metal Byrds, LoveBreakers, Bone Haus,

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