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Single of week - The Battery Farm - Roy Keane Isn't Real

“A whirling dervish of a tune, Armageddon with guitars and drums, a pointed, satirical attack on conspiracy theorists and todays twisted media”.

The song opens with a blistering driving pounding bass, superbly bathed in a barrage of on point drums and savage ferocious guitars. This is intelligent loud, masterful punk music at its very best. Roy Keane isn’t real, like the man himself, this tune, is crunching, uncompromising honest and takes no prisoners. “A whirling dervish of a tune, Armageddon with guitars and drums, a pointed, satirical attack on conspiracy theorists and todays twisted media”. A1M records new music show single of the week. Hear it on the radio this Thursday 8pm on

In 1981 I saw the Dead Kennedys play some of their first UK shows, that music was furious, loud, observational, intelligent and above all energetic, angry, and furious. The Battery farm remind me very much of those times and that energy, they capture perfectly all the elements of the best punk music. They have their own twist on gutter snipe punk and bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The Battery Farm deliver a new rallying call for furious punk music. I am sure Roy Kean would approve ??

Roy Keane Isn't Real is the 2nd single from the forthcoming 2nd EP Dirty Den's March of Suffering, which is released on all platforms on Blindside Records 15th October.

photo by trust a fox

About the Battery Farm

A Gutter Punk four-piece from Manchester playing punishing, pulverising rock music brimming with pain and passion. The Battery Farm was formed in March 2019 by brothers Ben and Dominic Corry. It was formed as a cry of despair; a terrified and furious response to a world that rapidly seems to be going wrong. This is reflected in the sound of the band which is frantic, visceral and violent but also laced with beauty and melody. Our sound has been compared to bands like PIL, Fugazi and Pere Ubu while maintaining something thrillingly real, original and human. They write about themselves and the world they see around them with guttural honesty and searing compassion.

The A1M records new music show – Episode 129 Thursday 8pm 2nd September

Broadcast from Manchester England. The best in new music from #USA, #UK, #Europe and beyond. 20 Stellar Tunes from amazing new artists. Music #Loud, #Bold, #Beautiful and always #Different - A real genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #Punk #Electronic #RAP, #POP – something for everyone- Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #LosAngeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to @IndieRocksUK for all the best in new music –

Artist – Track

1. Nova Bloom – City Lights

2. The Melbies – Brother

3. Cheekbone – Deflect

4. Single by Sunday – Give it Time

5. McRae – Subjective

6. Aldo Rox – Like an Angel

7. Def Robot – Flames

8. Fischer – Just Feels Tight (Black triangle records tune of the week)

9. Velveteen Rabbit – Ladyboi

10. The Battery Farm – Roy Kean Isn’t Real (A1M records single of the week)

11. Dance Loud – Hollow (@COLINSCUTS – electronic track of the week)

12. Call to the Faithful – Thieves and Liars

13. Muddibrooke – Liverpool Guy (Emma Scotts pluggin baby tune of the week)

14. Thou Romeo – Mother of Pearl

15. Lossline – I worry about my health & Caffeine intake

16. 3mind Blight – Cant you see

17. Ditsea Yella – Mad Shit

18. Energy Whores – Ghost dancer

19. The Metal Byrds – Absolute

20. 3mind Blight – Hard to think about

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