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The Battery Farm – Wooden Spoon Number – Single and Video Review

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

“As a New Dawn fades, a new light emerges”, Intelligent new punk is alive and thriving in Manchester. - Paul Travis - A1M records and New Music Radio Show

The Battery Farm are currently on a rocket like trajectory, a string of blistering singles has wowed critics and fans alike, their live performances are ferocious, intense, yet intelligent, passionate, and purposeful. With each new release, they reveal a new dimension, we have had brutal noise, 97/91, and sonic fury, Maggot Line and Roy Keane, we loved the dark beauty and textures weaved by the last EP, Dirty Dens March of Suffering.

With a new LP "Flies set" for release on 19th November, they unleash a new single and Video. Wooden Spoon Number. Its out 23rd September on Rare Vitamin Records.

Wooden Spoon Number, takes the battery farm to yet another dimension, funky beat, industrial, metallic guitar, intense and piercing at times ironic and mocking vocal, all mixed expertly with dashing’s of the trade mark juggernaut gutter punk. It could have been so easy to serve up just another sonic punk onslaught, but no, these lads have a plan, there is method and purpose in everything they do. Its not often you see a DIY punk band that weaves the music, the word, the visual imagery together so expertly. All packaged with a truly chest crushing head splitting live experience.

The Video is another clever and inventive collaboration with Trust a Fox, they take to the moors, sublime and thought proving imagery and storytelling, like Blair witch project or the evil dead outtake, but with a dash of experimental intelligent imagery, the fly, the record player, the funky dance, the moors, all leaving the viewer, space to fill in the blanks.

As they say in 1950,s sci fi movies “watch the skies” “somethings coming”, the punk Pandora's box that is the battery farm, has more secrets to reveal.

Wooden Spoon Number - Official Video (Trust a Fox)

The battery Farm release their new album and have a live launch gig on – tickets here

The Battery Farm - A1M singles playlist on Spotify

The Battery Farm - photo Trust a Fox

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