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To end this year we have two massive radio shows as we pick our our personal fave top 50 alternative radio tunes of 2022 from the 1000+ featured on the weekly radio shows

Tune in Thursday 22nd & 29th December 8-9.30 on

We have shortlisted 90+ tracks and created a Spotify playlist with we will pick our fave 50. So much innovative and creative new music has been released this year - check it out in link below

The shortlist included The Battery Farm Freya Beer pMad The Mirror Pictures Midland RailwayThe Shed Project The Metal Byrds Ditsea Yella Energy Whores Ratoon The King Rooks WREX SOURDOUGH Klubber Lang Venus Grrrls Coastal Fire Dept. WINACHI Northern Revelation Spangled FURROWED BROW The Underclass Idyllic Between Thorns Weekend Recovery Bugeye LUNA ROSA Emperor of Ice Cream DISCO IN SOCHI The Twenty Two IndifferentMonKeY

Cold Water Swimmers1/4 Chubz Supera Morza Late Cambrian

Telefís SPIN KLASS COLUMBIA MILLS Young Pretorians Dois Padres

Marie Therese Call to the Faithful This is War band Def Robot

Leg Puppy Death Of The High Street Izzy T The Heat Inc. Test Card Girl VAZUM Asylums

Horsemeat Holy Wars Mondo Trasho Hollows


Indya HAiG Camens Stocksnskins As December Falls Digital Resistance Flechettes Cronin First Class + Coach FLOWVERS Jordan RedRatoon Danko

Get across to Spotify and check out the playlist and follow and give it some love - tune in Thursday 22nd and Thursday 29th as we count down our top 50 Indie Rocks UK

Big thanks to everyone who has sent in music - Puffer Fish Press Danny Watson Sally Newman The Songbird HQ Reaction Management Kick Down The Doors PR Bespoke Media PR Philly Blacktriangle Colin Spencer Pluggin' Baby

Plus all the indie and DIY labels we have supported and produce and nurture such great new music FIFA Records - Forever In Financial Arrears Dimple Discs AnalogueTrash Alcopop Records Whanga Records Black Triangle Records Golden Believers Records

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