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A1M new Music Radio Show Hits Asia

Radio Show Hits ASIA - #Global #radioshow #music

Last nights A1M Records Ltd new music radio show on Indie Rocks UK had listeners in #bangkok and #tokyo as well as a bumper audience in #USA and #UK and #europe - A real musical community coming together to interact live On #Twitter - Thanks to all who tune in, send music and support the music - we had some stunning music, a great and eclectic mix of sonic styles- all independent artist who all make music worthy of a much wider audience. - Internetradio - Making a Difference

big thanks to Paul Holmes for the opportunity to do this - were approaching our 100 Birthday Show-

Amazing tracks - have a listen below

Idol Giants Darwin and The Finches WONK UNIT Horsemeat The Battery Farm Felon Aimi P CeCe Xavier TR-Gang 3Mind Blight Shimmer Johnson Julia Bondar Holygood Marquis Drive Ditsea Yella

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