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Radio Play, LOKI new single 7 Feb 2019

Exclusic Loki Single on A1M Radio - Indie Rocks radio UK
New Single (Sendfor4urmum), From Loki on A1M new Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio

Tonight on A1M records New Music Show , on Indie Rocks Radio we are delighted to have been given a sneak preview of the brilliant new offering from acclaimed Scottish Rapper Loki, On Twitter he proclaims, " I made a new song. It's better than what most of other rappers are doing - regardless of what they will tell you. You should listen to it. Bye. "

Direct and to the point, just like the Tune and words, we play it on tonight show "A wonderful incisive and observational rap, - check it out tonight 8pm.

There are also some other notable tunes from the thriving Scottish underground / Urban / Indie Music Scene, Including, Jackall Trades, (Ft John Mc Mustard from CMDJ5) and Gordy Duncan Junior. it also includes Scotland adopted Urban collective the Moods, plus an eclectic mix of indpendent artists from Italy, Spain, USA, Ireland, UK, Scotland, Switzerland.

The Show is repeated at 10pm and will also be on A1M sound-cloud after the show.

The A1M Records New Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio- Episode 3. February 7th 2019. Los Angeles : 1 1.00 am : New York : 15.00 : Manchester :20.00 LISTEN ON LINE - For More Info - Check out on Face Book -

Track Listing - Artist/Track

1. The Void - Never Say Die 2. Marlon Cherry - You are The Best 3. Liontigar - Antidote (DJ mix) 4. Steam Wagon preachers - Have a Little Mercy 5. Pleasures - Ropeless 6. She Robot - 7 Bells 7. Jackall Trades - Suspiciously American Drug Education 8. Skyfever - Kings 9. Cyanide Sundae - Better Now 10. KOG & The Brigade - Turn Up the Music 11. LOKI - SEND4URMUM 12. Gordy Duncan Jnr. - Curer 13. Lowly "Baglaens" From The Album- "Hifalutin" - 14. The Moods - POP (Profit Over People) 15. Call Me Senior (CMS) Suzuki Method (CMS Remix)


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