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Colonel Mustard & Dijon 5 - Radio Play & Head South to MoodsFest

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

The Amazing Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 are True legends in Scotland, packing out and selling out massive and iconic venues and regulars on the summer festival circuit, A household name in Scotland, and the Borders, This week A1M features their Tune "These are NOT the drugs you have been looking for. Its our Classic Indie Tune of the week,

Listen Thursday 8pm -

The CM & DiJon 5 and its yellow army are set for a modern day invasion of Manchester as they appear at the MoodsFest festival organised by Manchester, 10 piece Urban Dance outfit The Moods. But this will be a friendly invasion and brings the wonderful and spectacular live show to the city of Manchester for the very first time.

June 22nd .2019 The BredShed Manchester

plus 15 other new independent artist from across the globe including, Australia, USA, New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Glasgow, N, Ireland, Scotland and England.

The A1M Records New Music Show on Indie Rocks Radio-

Episode 5. February 21st 2019.

Los Angeles : 1 1.00 am : New York : 15.00 : Manchester :20.00


For More Info -

Check out on Face Book -


1. Acabean - Tsukuyomi

2. Timi Temple - 2pm For Breakfast

3. The Energy Whores - Two Minutes to Midnight

4. 8 - Graves - Burning Alive

5. Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 - "These are not the drugs you have been looking for" (Indie Classic Tune of The Week)

6. The Pagans S.O.H - BANANANHA

7. Abjects - Never Give Up

8. @TozoneOne (Leigh Rose) - "Defyndr"

9. King Kartel - Lock & Load

10. Jaz Mattu- Prisoner

(Emma Scotts Tune of The Week "Breaking Rocks"

11. Dizzy Wright - Prisoner

(Black Triangle Tune of The Week)

12. Pupa Jim - I need a Map

13. OoberFuse - Bitter End

14. SolarEye - Rain Drops

(Mark Mc G - Scotland's Tune of the Week)

15. The Rotations - What Will Be

(Mark Mc G - Scotland's Tune of the Week)

16. Marlene Oak - Silver Moon

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