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Radio Show Hits Record Listeners - "Global audience tune in"

A1M records new music show, enjoyed its largest audience this year with listeners in #Losangeles #Texas #tulsa #Newyork #Glasgow #London #Manchester #Salford

The A1M Records New Music Show Episode 76 - July 30th - 20 stunning new artists "Uplifting Music For challenging times – Hearts and Minds collide with Upbeat Indie Sounds".

12.00 Los Angeles : 2pm Texas : 3pm New York : 8pm UK

Tune in to our weekly new music show tomorrow at 8pm #UK time we have 20 outstanding tunes for you this week- a real eclectic mix for you - were also doing our weekly top 10 chart for Radio Indie Alliance so tune in and listen xx

Artist - Track Description

1. Civic Green - There is Always a Light

Artist - Track

1. The Heat Inc - Raptors

2. Concubine Project - Tell Me Lies

3. Other Half - Tiny Head

4. COLL - Rockstar

5. The Moods - The Rise and Fall of America

6. Kryptik (Lloyd Ross) - Tell Me Something (Prod by Crink).

7. JSD - Late Nights - Wavey Lights

(Black Triangle Records Tune of The Week)

8. 3Mind Blight - Make This Right

9. Coastal Fire Department - I Dont Wanna Hold Your Hand

(Emma Scotts Breaking Rocks Tune of the week )

10. C33s - Harpurhey Hostility

11. Ditsea Yella - Transhumanisim

12. Machina_X - Stranger Times

@colins cuts electronic tune of the week)

13. XUP - Cut You Open

14. Blaney - So Clear

15. The Metal Byrds - Machine Man

16. LE FOMO - Nip on The Dance Floor (NOTDF)

17. Stepford Wives - All On Me

18. Tom - Welsh - Time Runs Away

19. The Shed Project - Lucky Number

20. The Energy Whores - The Darkness..

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