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Exclusive first global radio play for Tulsa artist 3Mind Blight

Cant you see "brutal, controlled anger, rage, heartfelt honest reflective lyrics with chameleon shades of light and dark moods"

Thursday 12 noon Los Angeles, 2pm CET, 3pm EDT and 8pm UK time, a brand-new single “Can’t You see” from Tulsa based artist 3Mind Blight is unveiled with a global exclusive first radio play on UK radio station Indie Rocks Radio. 3Mind Blight unleashes a brooding powerhouse cauldron of hard rock. Can’t you see, opens with pounding tribal drums, searing guitars, a quiet storm, then the track explodes, brutal, controlled anger, rage, heartfelt honest reflective lyrics with chameleon shades of light and dark moods. “Can’t you see all that you have done to me, now I will never be somebody’s everything”. This is a stunning new single.

The single is self-released through distrokid on 25th August and has its global radio play on indie rocks radio 26th August. Pre save it here

In a world of mass digitized music releases, new artists, struggle to find a voice. 3Mind blight, has engineered a global fan base of listeners, created through sheer hard work and endeavour, constant DIY promotion and driving self-belief. In a world where many unsigned artists expect instant recognition, and sometimes fail to grasp the effort it takes to promote their music and amplify their songs to get heard, 3Mind blight is relentless in the belief in his music. The effort shows in social media stats, approaching half, a million plays on Spotify, 7,000 monthly listeners, 3 singles with over 120,000 plays each. All achieved with a totally DIY approach, no label, PR machine. The ferocity and creativity of his output is intense and is second to none. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for 3Mind Blight, and if you have not already discovered his music, do it now.

Rock/Rap/Instrumentals. Hailing from Tulsa Oklahoma, with humble beginnings in the late 90's, with Boom Bap Rap and the Grunge Rock scene. After leading several bands and many production teams, what started as a hobby has led to a full-time music career in production, instrumentation, and artistry.


The A1M records new music show – Episode 128 Thursday 8pm 26TH August

Broadcast from Manchester England. The best in new music from #USA, #UK, #Europe and beyond. 19 Stellar Tunes from amazing new artists. Music #Loud, #Bold, #Beautiful and always #Different - A real genre hopping musical journey, #Indie, #Rock, #Alternative, #Punk #Electronic #RAP, #POP – something for everyone- Were on air at 8pm #UK , 12 Noon #Los Angeles : 2pm #Texas : 3pm #NewYork – Tune in to Indie Rocks UK for all the best in new music –

Artist – Track

1. Wonk Unit – Skin to Skin

2. The Violent Hearts – Everything and Nothing

3. The Great Leslie – Everything from Last Night

4. Faux Pas – This will kill you

5. Salvation Jayne – Violent silence

6. Rebecca Lou – Bad Heart

7. Energy whores – Ghost dancer

8. Ditsea Yella – Mad Shit

9. Kiffie – Karamel Kisses (Pre-Kitten Mix) - @colins cuts electronic track of the week

10. BLAB – Insurance

11. Def Robot – Flames

12. Numantra – Monkey Brains (A1M records single of the week)

13. Catalysts – You got no soul (Pluggin baby breaking rocks tune of the week)

14. 3Mind Blight – Cant you see – Global Exclusive first radio play

15. The Metal Byrds – Absolute

16. NZR – For Me – Black triangle records Urban tune of the week

17. Clean Kit Kid – Heavy as

18. The Baby Breaks – Dopamine

19. Shimmer Johnson – Awakened

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Judy Cockerton
Judy Cockerton
09 sept 2021

Excellent choice

Me gusta
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