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New Music hits Global Radio- A Sonic Cocktail, broadcast on - Indie rocks UK 8pm Thursday 28th Jan

Episode 98 of the A1M Records new music show is broadcast 8pm Thursday 28th January #UK time - 12 noon #Losangeles 2pm #Texas 3pm #Newyork 5am #Bangkok - 20 stunning new artists to discover, all genres, all styles - a sonic cocktail to lift your spirits, shake your bones and bend your mind- support new music tune in to Indie Rocks UK - This week features music from

1. Hayley and the Crushers - Church of Flag

2. If By Whiskey - Amorous You

3. Regent Rock Band. - Just a Revolution

4. Yesterday's Gone - Break Me

5. Leg Puppy - Bring the War

6. Mr Benn (Ft Tlya X An) - Strangers

7. narcissus - Cuttin thru red tape (Duke n' bass mix)

8. 3Mind Blight - Finding Peace (Ft Shimmer Johnson)

9. Hopsin - Your House ( Black Triangle Records Tune of The Week)

10. TR-Gang Move Up

11. Ditsea Yella - Algo

12. Abe Duque - 22nd October (@Colincuts electronic tune of the week)

13. The Ringards - Helen Mirren

14. FALSE HEADS - Twenty Nothing

15. DZ Deathrays - All or Nothing

16. Matt Peach - Cut your Teeth - ( Pluggin' Baby Breaking Rocks Tune of The Week)

17. The Underclass - The One

18. Zacthelocust - Golden State of Mind

19. The Metal Byrds - Dark Highway

20. Shaun Tobar - What's it all about

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