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The Moods Collaborate with USA Music Producer & UK School Choir.

The Moods Collaborate with USA Music Producer & UK School Choir.
Missing Peace – USA Remix – Mark Pistel featuring “UK Swag Choir”

Missing Peace – USA Remix – Mark Pistel featuring “UK Swag Choir” is released on December 14th on A1M records ltd. Missing Peace is the title track from the Moods' critically acclaimed debut album, initially released in autumn of 2017. Christmas of 2018 sees a "specially commissioned US radio mix" produced and mixed by Mark Pistel featuring the Swag Youth Choir from the UK.

The track was initially remixed at Pistel’s San Francisco studio, Room 5. Mark, has been a pioneer in the genres of electronic, experimental, break-beat and hip hop since 1988. His collaborations and producers’ credits include Hercules and Love Affair (Since 2004), Meat Beat Manifesto and Consolidated and Latin Soul Syndicate. Other credits also include works with Grace Jones and Bob Marley. The Moods recorded the choir at DARTS community centre in Yorkshire and produced and mixed the atmospheric intro at the Manchester based Black Triangle studios.

The idea for using the choir came from the band and was organised with a local community scheme in Doncaster. The youth choir recorded a number of different parts and from this came the beautiful intro to this remix. The voices and parts recorded in this session may also make it onto the mood’s new album due out in 2019. “We need to Live in the Now, to make a better tomorrow” resonates as the upbeat, reggae dance remix beats kick in.

The Band end the year after a truly spectacular 2018, where they have played two UK tours on major stages and at massive UK festivals, playing to a 1000 strong crowd at the Edinburgh festival. The band wowed Hip hop fans at the 02 Ritz in Manchester, and packed out gigs from London to Inverness, with over 40 live dates playing to excess of 10,000 fans in multiple cities across the UK.

Missing Peace - The album was released in September 2017 and rapidly made a phenomenal impact, with physical and download sales in over 24 countries, over 120,000 streams and five-star stellar reviews. Two powerful singles: Joy and P.O.P (Profit over People) were followed by summer dance anthem, “Carnival” which received multiple, national and regional radio plays on BBC Radio along with 50+ other UK, regional and student FM stations. Further afield, global internet radio stations broadcasted tracks from Missing Peace to over 100 countries, whilst videos have racked up in excess of 80,000 views on YouTube, Facebook, & Vevo TV.

The band are currently busy writing a new album and collaborating with a number of eminent and award-winning music producers. They are set for a huge 2019, with new UK tours in the spring. Top slots at major festivals are already secured and with a new album to be released, The Moods are definitely ones to watch for 2019.

The band have one final massive headline show and expect a sell out at Band On the Wall Manchester, 15th December, where they headline the Music from the North Showcase, with guests, Pleasures, Glove, Falling Ghost, and a very rare Acoustic performance from the moods own Johnny Ozz, will open the Show. A few tickets are left – from Band on the wall box office and Skiddle

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