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The Moods New Live Video is Global Hit

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

"Keep Your Powder Dry, soars to 15K views, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan & Europe Tune In"

The Moods at their breathtaking best, live, raw, energy. "Making people dance", "A party on & off the stage". New Film, captures the moments when, band and crowd, "join as one", a sweat drenched, packed out venue, goes wild, result, the stage is invaded, Result, the whole venue is bouncing and raving to the song. Keep Your Powder Dry, ! Filmed 1st September, at the end of the summer 2018 carnival tour at the brilliant Waterloo Music Venue in Blackpool. Keep your powder dry is the new single from the moods released 5th October , stream it and buy it here - This is part of a new double single from the moods released along with "Kids Carry Guns"s, which both feature on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed dark urban comedy, "Strangeways here we come" See the film trailer here : stream both singles on spotify _

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